The Indonesian rijsttafel (Dutch pronunciation:reistta;fel) a Dutch word that literally translates to "rice table"

Consists of many side dishes served in small portions, accompanied by rice prepared in several different ways, Served family style.

Minimum four people or more. Reservations required with at least two days notice. $25/person (soft drink/iced tea and dessert included)


Rijsttafel strive to feature an array of not only flavors and colors, spiciness but also textures



(Vegetarian and vegan option)


Vegetarian fried spring roll

Tofu and tempeh summer roll 

Rujak cuka/ Vegetables and fruits salad in sweet and sour peanut dressing

Steamed jasmine rice

 Beef rendang 

(Spiced marinated tempeh for Vegetarian or vegan)

Chicken satay

 (tofu or tempeh satay for vegetarian or vegan)

Twice cooked egg in spiced coconut sauce

Acar kuning/Javanesse vegetables yellow curry (Carrot,green bean and cucumber)

Crispy spiced potato

Kerupuk/Indonesian garlic crackers

Homemade sambal/Indonesian hot sauce